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Cisco UCS Mini Networking Best Practices – Hyper-V

I would just like to say, that this is my own best practice – make sure you do some research elsewhere before you take this as gospel 🙂 . After recently setting up my only second new Cisco UCS, I thought I would share some of my experiences with the networking side of the Cisco UCS….

Cisco UCS Mini – Connecting An External Server

Today I had a rather interesting task of attempting to connect an existing Hyper-V Server to a new Cisco UCS that I have been working on, so that I could basically get the standalone host to communicate with the Cisco UCS blades using Live Migration.  The basic requirement for doing this is so that I…

Output drops on Cisco 2960 iSCSI Switch

Once again, I am resurrecting an old post from my old blog…! Yesterday, I helped fix an issue with an iSCSI where we were seeing output drops on all iSCSI interfaces. I spent a few hours yesterday trying to figure out why we were seeing these drops – initally I thought it might have been…