Month: December 2017

AD: Find Active Directory Lockouts

Recently I had a customer that kept getting their account locked out, due to someone try to brute force their way into the company by using the OWA portal that is hosted by their on-premise Exchange Server.  Initially trying to find this information was quite tricky and I found a really useful set of PowerShell…

O365: Enable Clutter on Individual Mailboxes

If you can’t for some reason enable the Clutter option within the Outlook portal ( because the option just isn’t there, there is a very simple way to enable Clutter via the use of PowerShell.  This should only be done by your system administrator, so please ask them 🙂


Exchange 2010 – Find All Public Folders

Here is a nice PowerShell one liner that you can use to find all Public Folders within Exchange 2010:

If you want to have the contents copied directly to the clipboard (as I wanted to send the list to an existing customer), then just pipe clip on the end: